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Showgirls 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p

Showgirls 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Movies 4K , Drama 4K
Country: USA | France
Time: 128 min
IMDB: 4.9
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Actors: Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, Gina Gershon, Glenn Plummer, Robert Davi, Alan Rachins, Gina Ravera, Lin Tucci, Greg Travis, Al Ruscio, Patrick Bristow, William Shockley, Bobbie Phillips, Dewey Weber, Rena Riffel.

Story Movie

Showgirls 4K 1995 Ultra HD 2160p
Young, leggy dancer Nomi is desperate to succeed in Las Vegas and enter a glittering world of bright lights, sparkle and show stage light. To stay "afloat", she agrees to the only possible job - striptease, until she manages to get her lucky ticket - to meet the Queen of the Las Vegas scene Crystal.

Using her influence, Crystal brings Nomi to her show and introduces her to the true world of Las Vegas show business - a world of chance, betrayal and intrigue, in which sexuality can be used as power.

Review 4K Movie

Film-holiday, film-delight. Greatly bright, expressive, intense, frank. Young, talented Nomi Malone goes to Vegas to conquer the glamorous Olympus. Daring, passionate, ambitious, she will show everyone how to dance striptease and rise to the heights of glory.

The next film by the genius Paul Verhoeven is a delightful cocktail that includes an intriguing plot, enchanting dance routines, refined eroticism and an excellent cast. The director introduces the viewer to the exotic and mysterious world of Las Vegas show business, the world of chance, great opportunities, temptations, betrayal and intrigue. And it makes it clear: to survive in this world of neon lights and an eternal holiday, you will have to accept unwritten wolf laws. The moral code does not work here, here the path to success is paved with your own body, stepping on everyone who is behind your back.

“I didn't fuck anyone, I just danced naked and that's it” ... The adventurous, defiantly beautiful, leggy dancer Nomi wants to break with her unattractive past and relies on her natural talent and predator instinct. She is flexible, graceful, full of enthusiasm and fire and "very, very sexy." In order not to disappear in someone else's inhospitable city, the girl agrees to perform in a popular strip club. But this turned out to be enough to be noticed and appreciated by the queen of erotic ballet Christy Connors. Acquaintance with Crystal and became for Nomi a pass to the bohemian circles of Vegas.

The main storyline is based on that mysterious feeling that connects two dancers, which soars invisibly in the air and creates a special environment. This feeling is difficult to define, it contains a whole range of different shades: admiration, unconscious envy, attraction, rivalry. The director was able to emphasize the aesthetics and sophisticated piquancy of this mutual attraction on the screen in an amazingly unobtrusive and delicate way.

Verhoeven has an amazing ability to present a naked body and, in fact, adultery himself is sensual and surprisingly beautiful. There is no obscenity in this, it does not cause rejection. Particularly impressive in the film are the private dance, the duet of Nomi and Crystal on a deserted stage and their magnificent staged duel in a room with motorcycles - exciting, aggressive-emotional, expressive.

“I also did not become a prima ballerina right away. But someone younger and more conservative is always behind you. "
The director shows us the underside of a brilliant life. A life where easy money, lust and drugs rule. But he immediately proves: even releasing sharp claws, you can remain human. This is Nomi. Having rudely displaced Kristall from the pedestal in order to take her place herself, she is able to give up everything overnight and nobly avenge her insulted friend.

Unlike those "who are at the top", completely false, suffering from spiritual dystrophy (for whom, in the end, even love becomes a profitable investment), Nomi lives, feels and breathes deeply. She is sincerely and genuinely happy with the first flowers in her life and the first dress from Versace. She is able to innocently get carried away by a black dancer-failure and boldly reject the tempting prospect that promised her an alliance with polished handsome Zach. Having decisively encroached on the "inviolable" reputation of the odious pervert singer, she, already a "goddess", again goes nowhere.

Ambition and sober calculation gave way to moral principles. Nomi did not bend under the powerful of this world, but managed to challenge them.

"Such is life ... Anything can happen in life!"
"Show Girls" is based on the script of the Hungarian Joe Esterhaz, as well as the famous scandalous "Basic Instinct". The plot of the film to some extent duplicates the main collision of two films: "42nd Street" and "All About Eve".

Vivid eroticism, the atmosphere of kitsch that reigned in the tape, the absence of sanctimonious didacticism irritated the reactionary public in the United States. All this led to the fact that "Show Girls" in the year of its premiere was branded by the Guild of Film Critics as a model of vulgarity and tastelessness. However, after a while he was elevated to the rank of cult. By all accounts, rarely any of the directors managed to show the shine of show business tinsel so vividly and colorfully. And producer Mario Kassar has an unmistakable flair for potential masterpieces (his track record includes such movie hits as Adrian Lyne's Lolita and the same unshakable Basic Instinct).

Despite the fact that the film was awarded the Golden Raspberry Award three times in different years in several nominations at once, Paul Verhoeven did not hesitate to personally attend the ceremony and receive awards as the worst director of the worst film of the decade. Non-standard paintings are often declared dull in the West, and the genius Verhoeven was aware of this. (Soon a similar fate will befall his new film project "Starship Troopers" (1997)). However, the taboo imposed only favorably distinguished the tape in the halo of incompetent stamped paintings and added a kind of dissident flair to it. Quentin Tarantino also admitted his love for Verhoeven's film.

Show Girls became the finest hour in the life of Elizabeth Berkeley, a professional ballerina and a gifted actress, and at the same time inadvertently crossed out her entire further cinematic career. But the girl did not despair and continued to appear in low-budget films, actively performed on the stage of London and Broadway. And soon the same advocates of someone else's morality applauded her and loudly praised her dramatic talent, and one of the critics, who had once impartially spoke about Nomi's role in Show Girls, publicly apologized to Berkeley.


movie BDRemux Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit)
German: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit)
English: Dolby Digital

German-PGS, English_PGS.


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