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The Valiant Ones 4K 1975 Ultra HD 2160p

The Valiant Ones 4K 1975 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Action 4K , Drama 4K
Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan
Time: 01:46:44
IMDB: 7.1
Director: King Hu
Actors: Feng Hsu, Ying Bai, Roy Chiao, Chia-Hsiang Wu, Wei Tao, Kong Lau, Ying-Chieh Han, Wei Yang, Wen-Tai Li, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Nan Chiang, Li-Jen Ho, Ming-Tsai Wu, Siu-Tin Yuen, Lei Zhao, Kuang-Chi Tu, Billy Chan, Yuet-Sang Chin.

Story Movie

The Valiant Ones (1975): In this historical martial arts film, directed by King Hu, the Ming Dynasty faces the relentless threat of Japanese pirates. A group of skilled warriors, handpicked for their exceptional combat abilities, are tasked with defending the empire. With breathtaking fight sequences and a compelling story of bravery and loyalty, "The Valiant Ones" stands as a classic in the genre, showcasing the artistry and intensity of traditional Chinese cinema.

Review 4K Movie

Late in the 70's Kung Fu cycle, director King Hu shows how to direct classic Wu Xia. This swordplay film focuses mainly on action. The setup is minimal, characters are barely introduced, if at all. No story, little exposition, no romance. Just a series of scenes where the heroes, always outnumbered, cleverly draw the pirates into traps, and then fight them. Hu is mostly interested in the tactics and cunning. His direction of the action scenes is exemplary and a joy to watch: dynamic movement, jump cuts, fast camera movements, quick strokes, rhythmic dancelike movements. The fight choreography is presented more like the films of the 60's, emphasizing rhythm and movement over clarity. This is not the movie to watch if you want to study different fighting styles. The most exemplary scene is the last one, which features a duel between Ying Bai and Sammo Hung. It does not matter that Sammo is a much better martial artist, the scene is so dynamic, cut with quick strokes at the fast rhythm of clanging swords, that the viewer cannot observe for even a short moment what each fighter is doing, but gets taken instead by the sheer momentum and mayhem. Only in the 80's did Tsui Hark and Honk Kong Cinema pick up where King Hu had pioneered.

The performers are charismatic, in particular Ying Bai as the cool hero (very 60's in style), and the lovely Feng Hsu as the cool, silent but deadly wife. She is such a striking presence in this film, that it is not surprising that King Hu featured her in practically all his movies during this period. Sammo Hung is appropriately menacing as the head Japanese pirate and was responsible for the fight choreography. The landscapes (possibly Taiwan) are impressively and beautifully filmed, creating great settings for the action scenes and adding to the pure enjoyment of watching this well orchestrated and graceful film.


movie Blu-Ray Remux


Codec: HEVC / H.265 (94.6 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1


#Mandarin: FLAC 1.0
#English: Dolby Digital 2.0 (Commentary by Asian film expert Frank Djeng)


English, German.


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