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eXistenZ 4K 1999 Ultra HD 2160p

eXistenZ 4K 1999 Ultra HD 2160p
Country: USA, UK, Canada, France
Time: 01:37:02
IMDB: 6.8
Director: David Cronenberg
Actors: Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ian Holm, Willem Dafoe, Don McKellar, Callum Keith Rennie, Christopher Eccleston, Sarah Polley, Robert A. Silverman, Oscar Hsu, Kris Lemche, Vik Sahay, Kirsten Johnson, James Kirchner, Balázs Koós, Stephanie Belding, Gerry Quigley

Story Movie

Fantastic thriller "eXistenZ" from director David Cronenberg takes viewers into the exciting world of virtual reality. At the center of the plot - game designer Allegra Greer, who created an advanced virtual game. Together with security guard Ted Peakes, they encounter mysterious attacks and immerse themselves in an ultra-realistic world where the boundary between reality and virtuality disappears. The movie explores themes of identity, technological dependence and the impact of virtual worlds on human nature.

Review 4K Movie

From the brilliantly twisted mind of director David Cronenberg comes "eXistenZ." What is "eXistenZ," exactly? A new male enhancement product? No, rather, it's a reality enhancement product; a new type of video-game/virtual reality experience, to be even more specific. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the programmer of said video game, while Jude Law plays her hapless protector and our surrogate as the audience. The further down the rabbit-hole Law's character goes, so too do we, until we are left dizzy and without words to describe what we just saw.

Early in the film, our characters are on the run from somebody who wants to do away with this ground-breaking technology. They'll have to deal with a creepy Willem DeFoe character and deadly spores along the way, while still finding time to explore their new reality and test their limitations. Cronenberg's film pretty much hits the ground running and doesn't allow us the chance to catch our breath as it levels up. Because this is vintage Cronenberg, of course there is plenty of gooey grossness to go around, the least of which are the "portholes" that allow would-be gamers to plug in. Those crushing on the lovely Leigh may find themselves feeling somewhat conflicted about whether the "porthole" exploring is sensual or nausea inducing.

Plot-wise, the film draws comparisons to other late '90s tech- thrillers like "Dark City" and "The Matrix." Heck, even the DVD box- art states that "eXistenZ" "makes 'The Matrix' look like 'Child's Play.'" Well, I don't know about all that, seeing as how I personally don't ever recall seeing a killer doll dodging bullets in that movie, but no matter. What sets "eXistenZ" apart is that it is less focused on its dystopian future and more focused on our present quandary in balancing technological advances with good old down-to- earth human experience. Like the best Cronenberg films, "eXistenZ" has a lot to say about that subject, but doesn't bludgeon or bore his audience with it. Trade the giant placenta-like sacks of skin in this film for the latest iPhone, and it's safe to say that "eXistenZ" was ahead of its time, to say the least.


movie Blu-Ray Remux


Codec: HEVC / H.265 (78.6 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1


#English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
#Italian: Dolby Digital 5.1
#French: Dolby Digital Plus 2.0


English (SDH), Bulgarian, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish


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