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Planet Earth II 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p

Planet Earth II 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: TV Series 4K
Country: World
Time: 1h*6
IMDB: 9.6
Director: David Attenborough
Actors: David Attenborough

Story Movie

Movie Planet Earth II S01 Episode 01-06 for download in original blu-ray quality, 4K Ultra HD 2160p. David Attenborough returns in this breathtaking documentary showcasing life on Planet Earth.
Info movie, by IMDB
Season 1
Islands S1, Episode 1

6 Nov. 2016 Islands
8.3 (2 990) Rate
Wildlife documentary series with David Attenborough, beginning with a look at the remote islands which offer sanctuary to some of the planet's rarest creatures.

Mountains S1, Episode 2
13 Nov. 2016 Mountains
7.6 (2 179) Rate
The wildlife documentary series with David Attenborough continues with a unique and intimate glimpse into secretive lives of mountain-dwelling animals.

Jungles S1, Episode 3
20 Nov. 2016 Jungles
7.2 (1 886) Rate
Jungles provide the richest habitats on the planet - mysterious worlds of high drama where extraordinary animals attempt to survive in the most competitive place on earth.

Deserts S1, Episode 4
27 Nov. 2016 Deserts
7.1 (1 626) Rate
The world's deserts force animals to come up with ingenious ways of coping with hostile conditions, giving rise to the most incredible survival stories on earth.

Grasslands S1, Episode 5
4 Dec. 2016 Grasslands
7.1 (1 432) Rate
Grasslands cover one quarter of all land and support the vast gatherings of wildlife, but to survive here animals must endure the most hostile seasonal changes on the planet. From Asia's bizarre-looking saiga antelope to the giant anteaters of Brazil, grassland animals have adapted in extraordinary ways to cope with these extremes. In the flooded Okavango, lions take on formidable buffalo in epic battles, on the savannah bee-eaters take advantage of elephants to help catch insects and, on the freezing northern tundra, caribou embark on great migrations shadowed by ...

Cities S1, Episode 6
11 Dec. 2016 Cities
7.1 (1 509) Rate
Cities are the newest habitat on Planet Earth. The series documents the wildlife in our cities.

List movies
1 Planet.Earth.II.S01E01.Islands.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.mkv 16.81 GB
2 Planet.Earth.II.S01E02.Mountains.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.mkv 16.28 GB
3 Planet.Earth.II.S01E03.Jungles.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.mkv 16.50 GB
4 Planet.Earth.II.S01E04.Deserts.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.mkv 16.15 GB
5 Planet.Earth.II.S01E05.Grasslands.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.mkv 16.27 GB
6 Planet.Earth.II.S01E06.Cities.2160p.BluRay.REMUX.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.mkv 16.17 GB
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Review 4K Movie

This is without doubt the best thing I have seen on television for years. The photography, narration and general story telling of the lives of the animals is simply breath-taking.

Episode 1 was animals that live on islands. As others have mentioned I have never seen such a more terrifying piece of natural-history photography in my life. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it or caught it on YouTube but I never thought I would be shouting at the TV for Iguana's to run.

Episode 2 was mountain living wildlife from Grizzly Bears coming out of hibernation to Snow Leopards.

This programme is one of the few examples which envelopes you in its documentary telling. You are seeing things for the first time and you are left with wanting more. Roll on episode 3, jungles.


movie BDRemux Video
ID : 1
Format : HEVC
Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding
Format profile : Main 10@L5.1@High
Duration : 53 min 4 s
Bit rate : 43.0 Mb/s
Width : 3 840 pixels
Height : 2 160 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 (Type 2)
Bit depth : 10 bits
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.216
Stream size : 16.0 GiB (95%)
Default : Yes
Forced : No
Color range : Limited
Color primaries : BT.2020
Transfer characteristics : SMPTE ST 2084
Matrix coefficients : BT.2020 non-constant
Mastering display color primaries : R: x=0.000000 y=0.000000, G: x=0.000000 y=0.000000, B: x=0.000000 y=0.000000, White point: x=0.000000 y=0.000000
Mastering display luminance : min: 0.0000 cd/m2, max: 0.0000 cd/m2

ID : 2
Format : DTS
Format/Info : Digital Theater Systems
Format profile : MA / Core
Mode : 16
Format settings, Endianness : Big
Codec ID : A_DTS
Duration : 53 min 4 s
Bit rate mode : Variable / Constant
Bit rate : 2 301 kb/s / 1 509 kb/s
Channel(s) : 6 channels
Channel positions : Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE
Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz
Frame rate : 93.750 FPS (512 spf)
Bit depth : 16 bits
Compression mode : Lossless / Lossy
Stream size : 873 MiB (5%)
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No

ID : 3
Format : PGS
Muxing mode : zlib
Codec ID/Info : Picture based subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs
Duration : 52 min 18 s
Bit rate : 25.1 kb/s
Count of elements : 710
Stream size : 9.39 MiB (0%)
Title : English-PGS
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No

00:00:00.000 : en:Chapter 1
00:12:26.245 : en:Chapter 2
00:18:49.253 : en:Chapter 3
00:33:45.023 : en:Chapter 4
00:43:04.582 : en:Chapter 5


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Planet Earth II 4K 2016 Ultra HD 2160p

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