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Dark S01 GERMAN Ultra HD 2160p

Dark S01 GERMAN Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: TV Series 4K
Country: Germany | USA
Time: 60 min
IMDB: 8.8
Director: Baran bo Odar
Actors: Louis Hofmann, Karoline Eichhorn, Lisa Vicari, Maja Schöne, Stephan Kampwirth, Jördis Triebel, Andreas Pietschmann, Paul Lux, Moritz Jahn, Christian Hutcherson, Oliver Masucci, Peter Benedict, Gina Stiebitz, Deborah Kaufmann, Daan Lennard Liebrenz, Julika Jenkins, Carlotta von Falkenhayn, Tamar Pelzig, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Mark Waschke, Leopold Hornung, Christian Pätzold, Will Beinbrink, Hermann Beyer, Christian Steyer.

Story Movie

Dark S01 GERMAN Ultra HD 2160p
The story of four families living a quiet and measured life in a small German town. The visible idyll collapses when two children disappear without a trace and the dark mysteries of the past are resurrected.

Review 4K Movie

We believe that time is linear, that it flows continuously and evenly, to infinity. But the difference between past, present and future is just an illusion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are inconsistent, they are connected in an infinite cycle. Everything is interconnected...

What if everything that comes from the past is the influence of the future?

That's the idea behind Netflix's amazing new German (!) series. "Darkness" is the luckiest combo of drama, thriller and above all science fiction. The series is already being compared with Twin Peaks, Very Strange Deeds, literally calling it "the dark European version of Very Strange Deeds" and "Very Strange Deeds for Adults. The first minutes of watching it seems so, but in fact, the two shows are completely different. As it would seem by name, a horror movie, not a horror movie and not in places humorous series, there is no obvious supernatural things and monsters like the Demogorgons, there is more and more scientific evidence. In "The Dark" there is something from Interstellar, Arrival, Butterfly Effect, on presentation and shooting reminds a little "Wild West World", and even the Game of Thrones (the story of Hodor), on the atmosphere - Fincher and Lynch.

As the creators of "The Dark" themselves say, "our show is not a nonchalant story like some science fiction film. It tells the story of people against the backdrop of events. Thus, we realized that it's a very dark family saga with an emotional fantastic twist.

What's the series about? Quality (Netflix does not make slag, the Germans are very able!), picture, plot, color, gloomy atmosphere. It is also worth noting the sticky screensaver.

An idea. The interweaving of times has always been and will always be an incomprehensible and fascinating topic, as well as time travel. Time is a complex concept, multi-faceted, great, frightening, stunning. And I think it's still as incomprehensible as its nature and character. And what if the truth is not linear, but moves in a circle, and the past, present and future happen simultaneously? And what if not only the past affects the future, but the future affects the past as well? But in what way? And this paradox of time is both fascinating, fascinating, and frightening at the same time. You want to dig into it, to sort it out, to try to think about it, though you know in advance that these attempts are doomed to failure.

And I wouldn't even call it a show. 10 episodes look volley, in one breath, like a really long movie. Many watch it in one sitting (I would also do so, but the circumstances and unhealthy mind at 4 am already told me that the brain needs rest). This series will not fit "for the background", it will require maximum concentration from you. It'll make your brain stay on for a second and literally boil. No matter how you want, you will not be able to be distracted, so as not to miss any detail, in addition, you need to try to remember each character, which is a large number, compare the events of different periods, generally try to understand everything that is happening and do not go crazy. Each new series gradually and leisurely reveals a story thought out in every detail, raises the surface of mystery, but not all, throwing new puzzles and questions. And the more it seems that it has already begun to understand something, the more confused you get.

The "darkness" is completely captivating, plunges into a constantly pressurizing atmosphere, into a gloomy confused world where past, present and future intersect. The destinies of all characters are linked by time and space. And the final, which seems to give all the answers to numerous questions, of course, according to the laws of the genre, does not quite do it, but gives space for new speculations and theories. There remains some understatement, but it only benefits the series and gives hope for continuation.

It's hard to sleep after watching it. Even at 4:00 a.m.. The brain stubbornly continues to ponder all these temporary theories with cyclicality, addiction, black holes and curvatures in space for more than a day. "Darkness" leaves an aftertaste, causes emotions. All of which for me is an indication of a cool cinematic masterpiece.

Darkness is an absolutely unique, intellectual, beautifully filmed product with a German quality mark. It is definitely worth spending 10 hours of your life on it. You want to review it immediately again, without doubting that with a new viewing you will find new, previously undetected details, and already more or less consciously watch the peripetias of the plot.


The show only came out a week ago, so few people have heard of it. Also, perhaps a wary attitude to the German production does not add interest to it. But, of course, when it is tasted, it will be the top top!

If after all my odes you didn't understand that I'm just completely delighted, then I'll say once again that I liked "Darkness" very much! And I'll call it one of the best shows I've ever seen.

You believe him, you believe in the seriousness of what's going on, all those secret doors in the caves under the nuclear power plants. And there's a belief in time travel not far from there.

I advise you from the bottom of my heart!

"If we could see the past and the future about...


movie BDRip Video
Codec: H.264
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.00 : 1

German: E-AC-3+Atmos (48.0 kHz)

English, Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish


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