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Jolt 4K 2021 Ultra HD 2160p

Jolt 4K 2021 Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux / BDRip
Genre: Action 4K , Comedy 4K
Country: USA
Time: 91 min
IMDB: 5.6
Director: Tanya Wexler
Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Jai Courtney, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Constantine Gregory, Ori Pfeffer, David Bradley, Susan Sarandon, Lewis Ian Bray, Nathan Cooper, Joseph Grogan, Sophie Sanderson, Steven Osborne, Tom Xander, Evan Sharp, Savvy Clement, Sofia Weldon.

Story Movie

Jolt 4K 2021 Ultra HD 2160p
Since childhood, Lindy has suffered from uncontrollable outbursts of aggression, or rather, those around her suffer. The girl spent almost her entire life in various clinics, studied by various specialists, and the only thing that helps her not to cripple irritants is a special vest made of electrodes, which shocks her with an electric current at the touch of a button. One day, Lindy meets a good guy, instantly falls in love and realizes that life can be beautiful without electric discharges, but someone inadvertently kills her lover. Now all those involved and just casual passers-by will not be very happy.

Review 4K Movie

The image of the blonde, who is traditionally considered not the greatest mind, is from time to time debunked on the screen by the bright representatives of the female half of Hollywood. Moreover, they do it as natural blondies like Charlize Theron (for example in the movie Legally Blonde) and dyed ones, as was the case with Kate Beckinsale in the movie Charlize, also known in the Russian box office as Pretty Woman on a Platoon. ... Although, as they say, not blondes are the same, because there are images of desperate fighting women / girls in the films "Crimson Mint" or "Powder Cocktail".

Although, to be honest, it's somewhat surprising for me that such tough ladies are brought to life by those who were incredibly sexy and incomparable ten (or even more) years ago. I do not detract from the merits of the charming Kate Beckinsale, but it is rather strange to see her 48-year-old as an action lady, and even starring in bed scenes (even if such a scene was not too frank in "Pretty Woman"). There are also younger actresses for such purposes - the same Emma Stone or Samara Weaving, for example.

Anyway. In any case, I personally have always been pleased to see Beckinsale in the frame since the days of "Intuition" with John Cusack. According to the script by Jolt (2021), Kate plays a girl named Lindy, who has cortisol in her blood since early childhood, which in a matter of seconds turns a balanced Lindy into a real monster, who loses her temper for the most insignificant reasons (even if the waitress refuses the dish remove some ingredient). Her attending physician Munhin (Stanley Tucci) developed a device for her that shocks Lindy, due to which, a second before the outbreak of anger, at the push of a button, she can suppress the rage. But only she (rage) breaks out when they kill Lindy's boyfriend - Justin (Jai Courtney), whom she considered to be the one who, through a reverent relationship and love, could heal her from unbridled anger. Now revenge on her turns out to be very terrible, because the main character is ready to do anything just to punish those who deprived her of the second half. But the truth that opens at the beginning turns out to be much more lethal than the splash of cortisol out!

And about the plot of the vengeful main character, and about the ending of the film, which reveals the whole essence, we can say that the whole thing has long been worn out and does not present the viewer with absolutely nothing new in terms of the elegance and uniqueness of the script. In this case, you can only rely on entertainment and consistency, but if everything seems to be on the level with the first one, then problems arise with the second.

There is a lot of action in Tanya Wexler's project, and in this vein, the film is somewhat similar to Boss level ("The Day of the Trigger" in the Russian box office), where the hero of Frank Grillo throughout the film had about the same motives as the heroine of Kate Beckinsale ... But there is not much logic, because only women are unkillable in films from women directors (as an example - in a head-on collision, a cop man immediately falls into a hospital bed, and a cop woman moves as if she just fell off a bicycle). Yes, here, in principle, the question is - how can you survive in a head-on collision of a car with a truck !!!

The scene in the ward with newborns is something special, because the manifestation of what was shown there is at least a demonstration that the babies are at risk of injury (well, no one has canceled any dislocations of the limbs due to imprudent actions, etc.). Lindy consistently gets in the head (and even somehow at one point, I'm sorry not to do this anymore), but she doesn't feel anything except the same anger at her boyfriend's killers. Bobby Cannavale's male cop, although good at being a detective, is a softer cop than his female partner, who is also a transgender woman. Moreover, his motives - why he behaves exactly THAT in relation to Lindy, are explained only by the words “I don’t want you to be hurt.” But WHY the hell don't you want that ?! Because you fell in love with Lindy? So show what is already asking, so that at least the motives of the policeman are clear!

At times, you can see funny situations here, such as frank dialogues between Justin and Lindy on the very first date - so to speak, the heroes arrange forcing events in a relationship and immediately move on to such delicate topics as gas emission or frank bold steps in terms of sex. The hero Stanley Tucci also looks funny - a typical office doctor who loves to experiment, but at the same time is overly insured and afraid of his own patients. And of course Beckinsale - she is good at 28, at 38, at 48. Despite her age in this film, she looks very sexy and is a desirable woman.

I will say that "Pretty Woman on a Platoon" is a bright and spectacular movie that will not let you get bored in an hour and a half of timing.


movie BDRemux Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (68.3 Mb/s)
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

German: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 5.1

English SRT, German.


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