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Terminator: Dark Fate 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p

Terminator: Dark Fate 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux / BDRip
Country: USA | Spain | Hungary | China
Time: 128 min
IMDB: 6.4
Director: Tim Miller
Actors: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, Ferran Fern?ndez, Trist?n Ulloa, Tomy Alvarez, Tom Hopper, Alicia Borrachero, Enrique Arce, Manuel Pacific, Fraser James, Pedro Rudolphi.

Story Movie

Terminator: Dark Fate 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p
He returned to change everything, but for this he needs the help of those whom he trusts. Download 4k movie Terminator: Dark Fate, for only $ 29.95. Mexico. Lovely girl Daniela Ramos, and for friends just Dani, comes with her brother in the morning to work at the factory, but it turns out that they will soon be replaced by automation. And this is not the only threat that cars pose for a girl: she is immediately attacked by a sent from the future and practically indestructible model of the REV-9 terminator. But Grace stands up to protect Dani - also a woman who arrived from the future, who modified her combat characteristics to a terminator level. Soon, Sarah Connor, who has now turned into a real hunter for killer robots, will come to their aid.

Review 4K Movie

Why the Terminator, in spite of all attempts, will not receive an Oscar, is it true that this terminator is the best after all that was, starting from the 3rd part of the franchise, and what are the overall impressions of the film? I will describe in my review without spoilers below ...

I remembered a joke that appeared on the network after the release of the first trailer for the movie Terminator Dark Fates. In short, he was like this:

The plot of the new terminator: Three feminists are trying to kill a Mexican, under the strict guidance of the governor of California. But Oscars - will not give. There is not a single black gay in the film ...

And here are jokes, jokes, but in every joke there is a share of jokes. And the rest, as you know, is a harsh reality. Last (last) Terminator turned out ... Stupid. This is such a kind of road-movie where strong women try to defeat an unkillable man. Some of them are Mexicans, but not a single black one (for some reason). And so imposed and stupid the thought of everything that is happening, stuck on the patterns of the first Terminator, only now in modern realities (well, plus the evil terminator now for some reason at all not completely killed almost to the very end, and then ...), that already reduces cheekbones from annoyance.

And it seems that Cameron himself was closely involved in the film, and Linda Hamilton returned to acting (and hellishly dragged the whole film with her teeth on her shoulders, why it is not being shot or is not being filmed is decidedly incomprehensible), and even Schwartz got stuck again. And in the beginning, so abruptly chopped off all the ends of any side stories after the second Terminator. But it still didn’t help. Following the principles and canons of modern Hollywood, they killed the whole atmosphere of the film.

But at the same time, this particular Terminator can be put on a kind of pedestal among all other Terminators in 3rd place. With a stretch, but the movie can still be watched in the cinema 1 time. The plot is stupid, but quite dynamic, a lot of action (Michael Bay, log in). Linda Hamilton is simply gorgeous in the frame. Watching her acting is a pleasure, a real war grandmother. Just super. But for all other actors, it is a solid miscast. Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna - absolutely do not fit into the images imposed on them by the script. Not a single hit. Surprisingly, a fact. That is why it becomes so sad to watch what is happening on the screen. It seems like action, explosions and almost Transformers, but you don’t worry about the fate of the heroes. For you know that Schwartz will die anyway, he will die in every part, that’s already commonplace. And of the other cute characters, only the older Sarah Connor remains, who gives a light to all the characters around her combined.

And of course, a separate stupidity is the idea of ​​socializing a machine (transformer) in the modern world. The floor of the hall was sitting at these moments with the expression on the face of “WTF ?!” Such a thing ...

The result is this. This Terminator has certainly become the best in the last two decades, but it cannot stand on a par with the first two films of the franchise. The best among others, but with a huge margin from the first two prizes. Should I watch a movie? I would advise, just to see how old Sarah Connor gives heat. This is really cool. Everything else is wildly secondary, stupid and controversial. And the idea of ​​how an immortal terminator that cannot be killed by anything becomes mortal is so stupid that if she is not beaten in the third part of Deadpool, I will unsubscribe from Ryan Reynolds.



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