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Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones 4K 2002 Ultra HD 2160p

Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones 4K 2002 Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux / BDRip
Country: USA
Time: 142 min
IMDB: 6.5
Director: George Lucas
Actors: Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Oz, Ian McDiarmid, Pernilla August, Temuera Morrison, Jimmy Smits, Jack Thompson, Leeanna Walsman, Ahmed Best, Rose Byrne, Oliver Ford Davies....

Story Movie

Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones 4K 2002 Ultra HD 2160p
The action takes place 10 years after the events described in the first episode of the famous saga. The Republic is sinking deeper into the abyss of contradictions and chaos. The separatist movement, represented by hundreds of planets and a powerful alliance of corporations, threatens to become a new threat to the Galaxy, which even the Jedi can not cope with.

The brewing conflict, planned in advance by powerful, but not yet unmasked forces, leads to the outbreak of the Clonic Wars and the decline of the republic. To counter the threat of universal proportions, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine seeks consolidation of power in the republic in his hands and orders the creation of a republican army to support a small group of Jedi in their fight against a superior enemy.

Review 4K Movie

Each episode of Star Wars has its own genre and stylistic difference, which makes the world famous saga so versatile. If in the first episode this is the predominance of action, then the trump card of the second part is romance, which fills the picture to the brim, permeating the episode with the love and magic of unearthly feelings that George Lucas was so eager to show us.

Some call this film one of the worst episodes of the Star Wars saga, but Lucas knew he was shooting. Now, one of the main lines around which all events revolve and will revolve is love, it was the director who devoted the most beautiful shots of the film to her.

Those 10 years that have passed since the events described in the first part have globally changed not only the democracy and politics of the Republic, but also from a smart little boy they have made a handsome and stubborn young man who does not know failures and mistakes. The image that Hayden Christean got really complicated and difficult, but the actor coped with his role perfectly. It is not so easy to convey to a handsome young man who does noble deeds, but with an evil gleam in his eyes and lips quivering with anger.
Bravo, bravo!

Anakin is young and ardent, educated according to the Jedi charter, he is noble and kind, but the other side, hidden from view, which only Padme will know for several years, burns, eager to break out. Anger, evil, bitterness, this is the part of Skywalker who can use it at any moment.

The confirmation of this is the death of the mother and the bloody party after her. Simultaneously with the beginning of the Clonic wars, the dark side of Eni also opens, leaving an evil gleam in her eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks. And that’s all. The countdown has gone. And the image of Darth Vader involuntarily rises in the head. The Jedi Council itself dug a hole for itself, predicting the fate of the galaxy, because it is here that everything begins, in "Attack of the Clones"

Involuntarily, the love of Eni and Padme, in the brilliant, by the way, performance of Natalie Portman, becomes not only the center of the whole plot of history, but also its continuation, which is confirmed by the last shots of the episode.

However, to call this picture a melodrama is also impossible, the second genre piece of tape is action. Fights, shooting, unearthly creatures and space flights are also not here. one execution on Geonosis, which is worth. The battle of Dooku and Yoda is simply beyond praise.

If you do not peer into the episode, perceiving it as an ordinary movie for relaxation, then this part will seem happy and joyful, but you will peer into the essence of things, watching the Republic slowly plunge into chaos, and the impudent boy turns into Darth Vader, involuntarily shudder at the thought of how tragic and predictable is the situation planned by the future emperor of the galaxy.

Bravo to George Lucas!



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