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Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie 4K 1994 Unrated Ultra HD 2160p

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie 4K 1994 Unrated Ultra HD 2160p
Country: Japan
Time: 01:45:35
IMDB: 7.2
Director: Gisaburô Sugii
Actors: Kôjiro Shimizu, Kenji Haga, Miki Fujitani, Masane Tsukayama, Masakatsu Funaki, Ginzô Matsuo, Shôzô Îzuka, Yôko Sasaki, Daisuke Gôri, Yukimasa Kishino, Unshô Ishizuka, Tetsuo Kanao, Chikao Ôtsuka, Kaneto Shiozawa, Shigezô Sasaoka, Jôji Nakata, Hiromi Tsuru, Masayoshi Nagasawa

Story Movie

"Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie" (1994) is an exciting animated movie based on the popular video game. Directors Kazuhiko Ito and Gisaburo Sugi were inspired by the Street Fighter universe to create a thrilling adventure.

The plot of the film revolves around a martial arts group who unite to confront the secret sinister organization Shadaloo, led by the dangerous M. Byson. At the center of the action are Chun-Li, Geil, Ryu and other characters, each bringing their own unique style and charisma. The movie shines with epic fights, gorgeous animation and an exciting soundtrack, immersing the viewer in an atmosphere of uncompromising combat and dynamic bouts.

"Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie" not only satisfies fans of the game, but also provides a thrilling cinematic journey filled with action, intrigue and emotion.

Review 4K Movie

Street fighter the animated movie is a well animated fight fest that serves as a superior companion piece to the revolutionary fighting game on which this anime is based .

Its silly plot is full of holes and would make little sense to a non street fighter fan but not to worry, the story is merely an excuse for street fighter characters to dragon punch and shin kick the hell out of each other, and its in this department that the film delivers on a huge scale.

The battles that these characters have are truly incredible to watch! Well thought out, well animated and just astounding to gawk at, they work just as well as the best live action fight sequences out there. The two stand out fights are a masterfully executed battle between Chun li and Vega that will make your jaw drop and the final climatic battle of the film which wraps everything up in an adrenalin pumping fashion .The animated fighting on display here more than makes up for the films faults like its annoyingly slow establishing shots that seem to go on forever.

Street fighter the animated movie is first-rate animated action that does its source material justice and allows you to contemplate on how good that garbage live action version could have been.


movie Blu-Ray Remux


Codec: HEVC / H.265 (38.3 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1


#English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
#English: FLAC 2.0
#Japanese: FLAC 2.0


English, French (Parisian)


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