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When Harry Met Sally... 4K 1989 Ultra HD 2160p

When Harry Met Sally... 4K 1989 Ultra HD 2160p
Country: USA
Time: 95 min
IMDB: 7.7
Director: Rob Reiner
Actors: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby, Steven Ford, Lisa Jane Persky, Michelle Nicastro, Gretchen Palmer, Robert Alan Beuth, David Burdick, Joe Viviani, Harley Jane Kozak, Joseph Hunt, Kevin Rooney, Franc Luz, Tracy Reiner, Kyle T. Heffner, Kimberley LaMarque.

Story Movie

When Harry Met Sally... 4K 1989 Ultra HD 2160p
Can sex ruin a perfect friendship between a man and a woman? This is the question that Harry and Sally, a fellow traveler, discuss on their way from Chicago to New York. Eleven years later, they are no closer to an answer.

Review 4K Movie

When you want to confess your love to someone, the short phrase "I love you" is usually not enough, there is such a sea of feelings inside you that you are overwhelmed by them, you say, repeat, get confused and say it again... This is the feeling I get from Meg Ryan movies. And that's why it's so hard for me now to gather myself and express myself in key phrases. This is a whole world, a whole genre belonging to one actress, it is huge, full of bright colors, humor and romance.

Many will wonder: "What is she talking about? Ordinary comedies, about ordinary people, and there is nothing in this actress," and I understand these people perfectly. It's like falling in love with a modest, unassuming guy who works in the same office with you. People around you look at him and see nothing but mediocrity, but for you this unassuming kid is beautiful, and everything he does, the way he talks, the way he walks and pours water from the cooler in the hallway - everything causes delight and adoration. Because you see him and others don't.

The world of Meg Ryan's heroines appeared in 1989, when she met a terrific person - director and screenwriter Nora Ephron, and together these witty, subtle, kind women created the image of Sally in Rob Reiner's situation comedy "When Harry Met Sally", and then, having understood and felt each other, Annie from "Sleepless in Seattle", Caitlin from "Vam Pismo". They are ordinary girls living ordinary lives: rent an apartment, work, meet with friends, discuss common acquaintances, go on dates and dream of the usual female happiness - to come home, cook dinner for two, sit in front of the TV and watch "Casablanca" or "When Harry Met Sally" in the arms of a man who will then wash the dishes and ask how your day was.

But there's magic in that. It is not only in the fact that every woman created by Meg Ryan - a beautiful person who seeks and deserves your happiness - to the charm of the image is joined by the personal charm of the actress, her facial expressions, gestures, voice, manner of laughing and crying.In this there is no naivety, there is not even a touch of falsity. This honesty is best characterized by the words of Kate from "French Kiss": "You want me to be mysterious, sensual, manipulative, but I can not! Happy - I smile, angry - I frown, the appropriate face for the appropriate mood!".

"Harry and Sally" - an outstanding film, a tape from the category of "movie-talkies", where the change of events is described by a series of pictures under the comments of the main characters, under the discussion of problems with friends and girlfriends, under the words - and it is words, dialogues and phrases - a characteristic feature of such films. How great are dialogs! First of all, through dialogues we get to know the main characters, learn their stories, views on life, characters and attitudes to each other. Dialogues written by Nora Ephron are a sample of fine taste, humor and knowledge of people.

"Harry and Sally" - a movie about how inseparable between the glitch love and friendship. Blowing Harry off when he tried to hit on her, Sally suggested that he remain friends, to which he replied, "There is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman." They say goodbye, part for a few years, meet again by chance, and after a brief friendly conversation, part again. All this time each of them lives his own life. She works at the newspaper, meets with a lawyer, then with him breaks up, friends are trying to introduce her to someone of their acquaintances ... Harry marries, divorces, hard to get over the breakup, goes with a writer friend to a baseball game ... Another meeting - and they are no longer in a hurry to say goodbye as hastily as 5 years ago. Why? Both are free, both have no one to rush to. Harry asks her about her problems, and Sally, instead of saying, "It's none of your business!" starts to tell her, then he tells her, and there is something insanely touching about the way strangers share something personal with each other without making a tragedy out of even the saddest episodes of their lives.

If you are hurt by the idea that your friend might be happy with someone else, your attitude toward them is not friendly. Through this very prism, we are shown how Harry and Sally's relationship gradually changes. At first they advise each other to go on dates, discuss past meetings, try to set each other up with their acquaintances, but then Harry begins to look at Sally's fans, and Sally asks her friends about Harry's new acquaintances... Something personal begins to emerge, and this personal gradually became an obstacle to the spontaneity, the ease of former relationships. But are they ready to admit, first of all to themselves, that the one you have considered for so long just a friend, and is the only person with whom you want to go through life?

I love Billy Crystal - here, as elsewhere, he is witty, energetic, cynical and insanely charming. But unlike his other roles, Kristal appears here in a romantic epostasy, and Harry has to perceive him as a man. Possessor of a mediocre appearance "for the amateur", Harry manages to seem very attractive, first of all by his rich, rich inner world, and again, the proximity to real, non-fictional people.

And Maggie is always Maggie to me, who will always stand apart from other actresses in the romantic-comedy genre. Her world is a whole world, although that sounds ridiculous considering there aren't many comedies featuring her! "When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless in Seattle", "French Kiss", "You've Got Mail"... "City of Angels" is a little out of this list, as it gives a noticeable bias towards purebred melodrama and, accordingly, bitterness, which Maggie previously managed to avoid. "Kate and Leo" in 2001 completes the list of her roles in the image once created by Nora Ephron, and puts an end to an entire era in the romantic comedy genre. Meg Ryan disappears without a trace. In her place comes a completely different woman with the same name but a different face, and I refuse to believe it's Maggie. When I watched "My Mother's New Boyfriend," it took an inhuman effort for me to put up a wall between myself and the sordid pathos that reigned on the screen.

And "Harry and Sally" is still, years later, my favorite movie, along with "Sleepless in Seattle," "The French Kiss" and "A Letter to You." Meg Ryan's characters are still living there in the 90s, not getting discouraged and looking for their happiness. Her heroines are Meg Ryan herself, any woman and all women at once.


movie BDRemux "Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (77.1 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
German: LPCM 2.0
German: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

English SDH, Cantonese (Traditional), Mandarin (Traditional), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish"


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