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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) x265 Ultra HD 2160p

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) x265 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Movies 4K , Comedy 4K
Country: USA | UK
Time: 95 min
IMDB: 7.0
Director: Jason Woliner
Actors: Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova, Tom Hanks, Dani Popescu, Manuel Vieru, Miroslav Tolj, Alin Popa, Ion Gheorghe, Nicolae Gheorghe, Marcela Codrea, Luca Nelu, Jair Bolsonaro, Chase Fein.

Story Movie

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) x265 Ultra HD 2160p
For 14 years, journalist Borat Sagdiev has become a star of Kazakhstan and now decides to show his daughter the delights of American life, and at the same time marry her.

Review 4K Movie

After the success of Borat, Sasha Baron Cohen transferred several more of his characters to the big screens, but in 2020 it is time to recall the craziest, memetic and simply the best of them - Kazakhstani journalist Borat Sagdiev.

14 years have passed since the first visit of our hero to the USA. Abroad, he became a walking meme and a star, but in his native republic he was booed and sentenced to life in prison. But, here, he is summoned to an appointment with the Prime Minister and again sent to America in order to give a gift: a monkey holding the post of Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan and to raise the reputation of the state.

'Borat 2' is the perfect sequel, made heroically in the midst of a massive lockdown. Perfect because there is more of everything here: jokes, relevant topics, and the picture turned out in every sense cooler than the original.

No joke: we followed the filming of this film from the news. Either Sasha Baron Cohen will sing in the guise of a redneck at the coronavirus congress, then he will penetrate Mike Pence's speech, I just can't believe it.

Borat II is much more than a mokyumenktari comedy. This is a brilliant social commentary that will keep you laughing for a long time. He insults, provokes, disgusts, but it is in this case that you don't want to pause and bang your head against all the walls in the house.

Borat is still alive, even after 14 years of hard labor. And it still pours in phrases compiled from broken English. And it's wonderful.

Is Kazakhstan offended? Quite. And this is sad. I absolutely do not understand what is happening with the audience now - everyone has become as touchy as possible, and there is more hatred in the world than ever.

Personally, I believe that you need to be simpler and be able to sincerely and kindly laugh: at yourself, others, or in a caricatured way of a silly journalist from your country. But, believe me, viewers not from the republic absolutely do not care where Borat comes from. Whether he is a Cimmerian, Vulcan or even a Gallifreian, Sagdiev and no one else remains the source of humor. All high five!

Great success!


movie BDRip Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1

English: Dolby Digital Plus

Malay, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Tagalog, Russian, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


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