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Dampyr 4K 2022 Ultra HD 2160p

Dampyr 4K 2022 Ultra HD 2160p
Country: Italy
Time: 01:49:05
IMDB: 5.3
Director: Riccardo Chemello
Actors: Wade Briggs, Stuart Martin, Frida Gustavsson, Sebastian Croft, David Morrissey, Radu Andrei Micu, Ionut Grama, Luke Roberts, Florin Fratila, Madalina Bellariu Ion, Andreea Coff, Alice Cora Mihalache, Alexandra Poiana, Claudia Negroiu, Aura Calarasu, Simina Siminie, Oliver Lepadatu, Niculae Cristian Bogdan.

Story Movie

"Dampyr" (2022) in stunning 4K is an electrifying supernatural thriller starring Harlan Draka, a unique hero with extraordinary abilities. When a city is plagued by supernatural murders, Harlan, a Dampyr (part human, part vampire), is called to action. With a dedicated team, including an excommunicated priest and a secretive researcher, they confront malevolent forces. The 4K resolution enhances the film's captivating visuals, immersing viewers in a world where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. "Dampyr" is a thrilling mix of horror and fantasy, promising suspense and action.

Review 4K Movie

Stumbling upon this 2022 fantasy horror movie here in 2023, by random chance, and seeing it is a vampire movie of sorts, then of course I opted to sit down and watch what director Riccardo Chemello had to offer.

Turns out that this movie was a swing and a miss in terms of entertaining me. I am really surprised with how writers Mauro Boselli, Giovanni Masi, Alberto Ostini and Mauro Uzzeo collectively could manage to come up with something so bland, devoid of entertainment value and just downright boring. This was without a doubt one of the most pointless vampire-based movies I have sat through in a long, long time.

The storyline in "Dampyr" fell through entirely, and I found nothing worthwhile or wholesome throughout the course of the 109 minutes that the ordeal lasted for. The only thing that made me cling on with my teeth and nails were the special effects.

Not only was the storyline lacking appeal to me, but the character gallery as well, and that just made it even more difficult to get submerged into the narrative and take the movie serious.

I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in the movie, and having just looked through the listing here on IMDb, I am very surprised to see that it was the Governor himself, actor David Morrissey, that played Gorka.

Truth be told, then the movie's cover was actually the best thing about the entire ordeal.

My rating of director Riccardo Chemello's 2022 movie "Dampyr" lands on a very generous two out of ten stars.


movie Blu-Ray Remux


Codec: HEVC / H.265 (74.4 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1


#English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
#Italian: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1


English, Italian


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