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Fatale 4K 2020 Ultra HD 2160p

Fatale 4K 2020 Ultra HD 2160p
Country: USA
Time: 102 min
IMDB: 5.4
Director: Deon Taylor
Actors: Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy, Mike Colter, Damaris Lewis, Tyrin Turner, Danny Pino, Geoffrey Owens, David Hoflin, Sam Daly, Lance Stephenson, Chic Daniel, Stephen O'Mahoney, Lexa Gluck, Oakley Bull, Ian Stanley, Sasha Golberg, Stephanie Elam, Hajin Cho.

Story Movie

Fatale 4K 2020 Ultra HD 2160p
The perfect life of a successful sports agent goes to hell when a mysterious girl detective gets him involved in a dangerous murder investigation. One passionate night with her changes his life forever.

Review 4K Movie

It's no secret that the erotic thriller genre is extremely scarce these days. In the 80's and 90's, the genre was incredibly in demand and the production of pictures was on stream. However, as part of the modern cinema erotic thrillers are very, very rarely see the light. Communicate to it, and decided to direct this tape Deon Taylor.

The plot of this tape evolves around a successful sports agent Derrick Tyler. One day Derrick meets a mysterious stranger at his friend's bachelor party and spends the night with her. Some time later, a burglar breaks into his house. But the misfortunes do not end there and the investigation of the case is assigned to the very stranger, who, as it turns out, works for the police.

It is worth admitting that almost all erotic thrillers have always held on to an element of obsession in the love triangle, if not the polygon of the protagonists. However, even in such circumstances, the screenwriters managed to create at least an interesting story. To achieve the same success the authors of this tape in my opinion failed. The script has turned out to be maximally cliched and boring. It is not very difficult to guess as to what and how it will happen next. The situation is aggravated by the completely drained and, in my opinion, boring finale, which stands out strongly against the background of the whole story and seems a bit homogeneous. Not to mention the fact that it, too, hits another low point.

The most cardboard, formulaic and simply uninteresting characters contributed to such a strong boredom of the story. Despite the abundance of events, the main character is not revealed at all and gives no reason to empathize with him. Actually, the "main female villain" gives no reason to see her as a "character with a story and drama", but not as another stupid villain "villainy for villainy's sake".

The director of this film, Deon Taylor, has long since gained "fame" as a very passable director who shoots his films as if by the textbook. That is why, despite the fragmentation of ideas and genre qualities, his paintings differ little from each other. Not to mention the fact that his paintings are completely empty in terms of emotional return. Trying to compensate for this only a juicy and clip-like shooting with a harmoniously matched soundtrack.

I think many viewers know Hilary Swank primarily from the Oscar-winning drama "Million Dollar Baby". Swank certainly played one of her best roles, and the success of the picture set up for further career growth, which unfortunately did not happen. Swank cannot be considered a creative success, and the role in which she played an absolutely lazy and emotionally poor. Getting only to the fact that her heroine simply do not believe and see on the screen a typical cardboard villain, rather than a character who "at least can be understood. Michael Ealy, who for years has been in the same role and has been playing his characters with the same facial expressions, was not surprising either. It is as if he were playing himself in real life. The role in this film was no exception. The other actors do not even want to remember. So unsightly their game.


movie BDRemux Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (58.2 Mb/s)
Resolution: 4K (2160p)
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 2.0

English, English SDH.


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