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Force of Nature 4K 2020 EXTENDED Ultra HD 2160p

Force of Nature 4K 2020 EXTENDED Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Action 4K , Drama 4K
Country: USA
Time: 91 min
IMDB: 4.4
Director: Michael Polish
Actors: Emile Hirsch, Mel Gibson, David Zayas, Kate Bosworth, Stephanie Cayo, William Catlett, Jorge Luis Ramos, Joksan Ramos, Blas Sien Diaz, Tyler Jon Olson, Julio Ramos Velez, Sebastian Vázquez, Jesy McKinney, Xavier Reyes, Luillo Ruiz.

Story Movie

Force of Nature 4K 2020 EXTENDED Ultra HD 2160p
A strong hurricane is approaching in Puerto Rico, so a new partner, Jess, is assigned to police officer Cardillo and the task is to evacuate the population. A call to a conflict in a grocery store leads the cops to an almost empty apartment building, where a former policeman Ray, and now just a stubborn pensioner, is found unwilling to leave a comfortable chair. While Cardillo, with his doctor daughter, persuades another tenant to evacuate, a well-armed gang of robbers infiltrates the house. It's time for Jess to go through his baptism of fire, and for Ray to shake off the old days.

Review 4K Movie

I will not be cunning and will say right away that I watched the film for Mel Gibson. I am the guy who still saw video salons and waited with excitement to see some of the parts of Lethal Weapon or Maverick. Gibson is the hero of my childhood and so cool that he again acts in films. Directing, "Oscars" - it's all cool, of course, but when Mel is in the frame with a pistol, it's always something with something.

Now about the film. Puerto Rico in anticipation of a powerful hurricane that is moving at great speed to the island. The young policeman Cardillo is given a partner at least young Jess and sent to evacuate the citizens. The simplest household call brings this couple of cops to the house, from where several people need to be evacuated. One of them turns out to be the stubborn and intractable Ray - a former police officer who does not put a finger in his mouth. Quite unexpectedly, a gang of criminals armed to the teeth raided into the house, who, under the cover of a hurricane, want to pull off some business. However, neither Ray nor the young police officers are ready to sit back, but decide to take the fight and prevent the thugs from committing a crime. Whose blood will the strongest rain wash?

Honestly, I probably would not have remembered the name of Mike Polish, if at one time his "Astronaut Farmer" had come to me very much. I thought that if Polish was able to cope with the unbridled Billy Bob Thornton, then he would easily find a common language with Gibson. So no doubt I went to see the movie The Force of the Elements.

And now about the most important thing, he is Mel Gibson. Because of his temper, he dropped out of the Hollywood get-together, and over the past 10 years there has been no more or less high-profile film in his filmography. In general, since the days of Shyamallan's "Signs" in 2002, Gibson was remembered only for "Machete Kills" and the comedy "Daddy New Year 2". However, during this period Gibson notably produced paintings in which he built up his "action muscle". Time after time he followed on the heels of criminals and performed retaliation in all known and not so much ways. And I responsibly declare to you - over the years Gibson looks cooler and cooler. Gibson's incredible charisma and natural talent make everyone believe in all of his modern heroes.

Unlike the passing "Hurricane Heist" - this film is quite exciting to watch. Why? Yes, because the director managed to organically fit the charismatic characters into the limited space. A kaleidoscope of flashbacks from the past allows us to feel more sympathy for the characters and already fully worry about them. Gibson, Hirsch and Bosworth got used to their images and yes, I believed them, and that already means a lot.

I recommend watching the film. This is a kind of analogue of "Thirst for Revenge" with Willis, which also did not shine very much, but quite hit right in the bull's eye of the genre and surprised. So here: 100% action movie with cool characters and an interesting story. What else do you need? We began to forget about good action movies. And this is impossible - after all, this genre is the basis of the foundations. We love movies because of him) Good job, Mel! Come on, come back - to the top of Hollywood's Olympus.


movie BDRemux Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265
Resolution: Upscaled 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
German: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)



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