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Jumanji The Next Level 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p

Jumanji The Next Level 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p
BDRemux / BDRip
Country: USA
Time: 123 min
IMDB: 6.8
Director: Jake Kasdan
Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Awkwafina, Nick Jonas, Alex Wolff, Morgan Turner, Madison Iseman, Ser'Darius Blain, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Rhys Darby, Colin Hanks, Rory McCann.

Story Movie

Jumanji The Next Level 4K 2019 Ultra HD 2160p
Trying to save Spencer, who again got into the game, the rest go there too. To their surprise, Jumanji's rules have changed, and what's more - this time Spencer's grandfather and his elderly friend Milo were pulled into the game. To complete the assignments and return home, friends have to go on a journey through the previously unexplored and mysterious corners of Jumanji - from the arid desert to the snow-capped mountains.

Review 4K Movie

General impression: Here is the new part of “Jumanji” that came out on the screens, all with the same composition + new faces appeared - Aquafina, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and the horse! There are more characters, and the timing is the same, however, this part pleased me a bit more. Either I cooled down and stopped angrily looking towards the old film (which is with Robin Williams in my heart!), Or it turned out really fun, fervently.

In fact, both. I didn’t expect absolutely anything from the tape, and I enjoyed it, but Dwayne Johnson pleased me the most, this time he didn’t just play himself, it turned out that Spencer’s grandfather - Eddie (Danny De Vito), and Dwayne, to my surprise, got into the game , was able to convey the capriciousness and eccentricity of the hero. The moments with his participation dragged on many episodes, but in general the addition from past characters still looks funny on the screen.

Yes, there are some similarities with the previous tape, rather it is a repetition of the rules of the game, because it has new characters. But there are enough new levels, anxieties and sounds of drums, a joke at the beginning of the film from Denny de Vito, that this boiler is messing up, was pleased!

The humorous part cunningly intertwines with the drive, the picture does not sag and does not make you bored, and from the laughter in the hall I realized that this tape was for everyone. Indeed, it was easy to please, it was a lot of jokes, they are diverse, there is even a cliche for a strong character) Chaotic actions make you worry, there are a lot of chases, fights, as a fantasy film should have a spirit of adventure. And that's cool guys!

The visual and musical component of the tandem captures your attention, enriching the movie with its charm. Beautiful and spectacular, but what else is needed?) There are well-known soundtracks, but there is good-quality music that adorns tense moments, focusing on them. The composer of the tape knows a lot about writing individual melodies for Ralph, Pixels, City of Heroes, Lidi X: First Class, and many other films. Creating an entertaining movie, we did not forget about this important detail, like music, because it is it that makes the right attitude. And here everything is done in 10-ku.

In addition to jokes, adventures and a new part, the film carries morality. Friendship, the most important thing that slides in timekeeping more than once between all the heroes you see. Watch it? In the movie, definitely, at times this tape can brighten up your evening.



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