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The Company of Wolves 4K 1984 Ultra HD 2160p

The Company of Wolves 4K 1984 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Drama 4K , Horror 4K
Country: UK
Time: 95 min
IMDB: 6.6
Director: Neil Jordan
Actors: Sarah Patterson, Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Graham Crowden, Brian Glover, Kathryn Pogson, Stephen Rea, Tusse Silberg, Micha Bergese, Georgia Slowe, Susan Porrett, Shane Johnstone, Dawn Archibald, Richard Morant, Danielle Dax, Vincent McClaren, Ruby Buchanan, Jimmy Gardner.

Story Movie

The Company of Wolves 4K 1984 Ultra HD 2160p
After a wolf killed her sister in front of young Rosalyn, she found shelter at her grandmother's house, lost in the middle of a dense forest. From her grandmother, Rosalyn learned terrible stories about innocent girls who fall in love with beautiful strangers with furrowed eyebrows and burning eyes, about people who disappear without a trace during the full moon when a wolf howls from the forest.

One day, on a narrow forest path, the girl met a young hunter. He was very handsome, and she did not notice that his eyebrows were drawn together at the bridge of his nose.

Review 4K Movie

I found out about the movie by chance - I came across it on the Internet (a whole universe indeed). After reading the synopsis I was immediately inspired to watch this film - I really love originality, built on quite banal stories.

Considering that this film was only the second in the career of the then only novice, but now quite famous director, one could expect a lot. After all, young directors, although they make some technical mistakes, in terms of presenting the story are great originals.

The film lived up to my expectations, and in some aspects even surpassed them.

The story shown in the film was indeed unusual. Although it will be about things that are older than cinematography.

The werewolf is my favorite monster. After all, the forces of evil and man himself are fighting for his soul. It is man's confrontation with his baser and animal instincts. It is a struggle against temptation and temptation. And in this film, the werewolf is a symbol of temptation. He offers freedom, strength, independence, a new life. And in return, it doesn't even demand a soul. No. He demands a show of weakness. Weakness to beauty. Weakness to vice.

The whole film is filled with symbols. Every detail means a lot. The blood in the snow. White roses gradually changing their color to blood-red. The trail that you can't leave. But more about that later.

Different genres are subtly interwoven in the film. Horror, thriller, drama. They come together to form an amazingly beautiful fairy tale, in which the wolves howl outside the window after sunset.

'It's not a fairy tale. It's a holy truth.'

Superstition. It's just part of folklore now. They used to be part of the worldview. Did they arise out of nothing? No. There's a reason for it. And it can be different. Sometimes it was an explanation of the incomprehensible and unknown. Sometimes it was a scare or an amusement. But there's an opinion that people invented all sorts of devils for other purposes.

Humans by nature are quite immoral and vicious. By killing, raping, stealing, and doing other immoral things, people believed that it was not so bad. After all, there are vampires who drink blood. Werewolves eating lost travelers. Mermaids drowning amorous swimmers. And that's worse. And so it is. After all, every monster possessed the attributes of a human. Man is the scariest monster. Because a vampire would be a vampire. And man...Deceit, hypocrisy, guile, meanness, revenge, cruelty, ruthlessness, indifference, cynicism, selfishness and many more - many different feelings are in the arsenal of the human soul. And their various combinations lead to the fact that man is the most unpredictable and unique species. And there is no limit to what is possible.

Are you a man or a wolf? I am both.

Back to werewolves. The night. Silent and gloomy woods. A fog enveloping this very forest. The sky. Clouds. And then, from behind the clouds, the full moon slowly rises. And the man becomes the devil's spawn.

This best exemplifies one of the essences of man. And that's willlessness. The inability to make his own choices. To accept fate as a given. After all, a man becomes a wolf, not because his soul has yielded to his beastly nature, but because, and only because, the full moon with its light has broken resistance and the unrestrained beast has broken free. The fate of the weak. But is a werewolf weak? Willlessness does not always mean weakness. Sometimes it is a choice. There's a beast inside every man," says one of the film's heroines. And everyone is able to contain it. It depends on desire. And on the strength of spirit.

I'll show you a fictional reality.

The film is only a dream of the main character. Or is it not a dream? The ending does not give an unambiguous answer and gives room for fantasy. In general, this film is a kind of surreal fantasy. A kind of game of our subconscious. A figment of our imagination. The shapeshifter is only the embodiment of seduction. The trail is a symbol of the path we call life. The blood in the snow is a warning, a last resort. White and red roses are purity of soul. The well is the dark corner of the soul, where once you will return again and again.

Sometimes curiosity is a vice. Temptation dulls the sense of fear. The answers are obvious. But fantasy has no limits. There are no limits to what is possible.

In conclusion, let me briefly list the '+'s and '-'s.


- plot. original, interesting.

- setting. beautiful, faithfully recreating the world of fantasy. the world of vice. the world of temptation and curiosity.

- the meaning. the scope for fantasy. the search for truth. the search for answers.

- symbolism. many elements making the narrative vivid and colorful. filled with a special surrealistic meaning.


- special effects. the transformation of a man into a werewolf looked blatantly ugly.

- mediocre acting. some of the scenes were very annoying.

- Despite the originality of the plot, you can feel the flavor of predictability. though perhaps it symbolizes fate (everything is predetermined, curiosity overcomes reason, you can't resist temptation).


movie BDRemux Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (79.5 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital 2.0
English: Dolby Digital 2.0
English: Dolby Digital 2.0

English SDH, English.


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