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Bride of Frankenstein 4K 1935 Ultra HD 2160p

Bride of Frankenstein 4K 1935 Ultra HD 2160p
Genre: Drama 4K , Horror 4K
Country: USA
Time: 72 min
IMDB: 7.8
Director: James Whale
Actors: Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, Colin Clive, Valerie Hobson, Ernest Thesiger, Gavin Gordon, Douglas Walton, Una O'Connor, E.E. Clive, Lucien Prival, O.P. Heggie, Dwight Frye, Reginald Barlow, Mary Gordon, Anne Darling, Ted Billings, Robert Adair, Norman Ainsley.

Story Movie

Bride of Frankenstein 4K 1935 Ultra HD 2160p
A monster rejected by everyone is looking for a mate. Dr. Frankenstein comes to the rescue and creates a cherished mate.

Review 4K Movie

Unwittingly paraphrasing my review of this director's earlier episode about the appearance of the Frankenstein-created monster, I would suggest that even now, as Colin Clive's character shouts out, "She's alive!" - already all the future female monsters have awakened to this world, awaiting their rightful existence in the future.

This wonderful movie follows the progenitor in its plot, moving where the viewer interrupted his gaze. However, I would divide the film into two segments inherently different from each other. The prologue is not serious at all, showing the famous trio of real people of art (Lord Byron, Percy Bishee Shelley, and Mary Walstonecraft Shelley) and their conversation about the as yet unpublished Monster book, where the writer begins to tell what happened after the fire in the mill. Then the viewer watches her story in movie form, and up to the middle with multiple comedic inserts, whether they be funny characters or full-fledged scenes of humor with the scholar's shrunken men. But from the middle it gets all intriguing and even dramatic! Frankenstein's monster will now gain depth, compartments of his soul and interesting deeds; he will learn to talk, and most importantly, to think! Boris Karloff in the skin of his ambiguous character will portray the gamut of feelings. The finale with him, his parting wise and firmly considered categorical phrase about who is truly alive and who is not, with a tear creeping down his pale cheek, becomes an unforgettable answer to the problematics of the whole story, successfully delivered from the mouth of the Monster.

Also returning to the humor, it was humorous and with a touch of drama; it's so funny to see that as soon as Frankenstein's Monster "went out into the world," he was immediately taught... to drink and smoke! Yes, they also drew an identity between the concept of the approving word "good" and the two actions of smoking cigars and drinking wine. And he turned out to be a capable pupil, who tasted the two named delights, demanding the third - a woman. The drama is immediately overwhelming, keeping the viewer awake and relaxed, moving on to the Monster's apparent inability to live a full life when confronted by society. This filmmaker's invention will permeate the entire film, leading to a disappointing answer, tormenting the viewer's naïve experience (the monster, indeed, is humanized) in demonstrations of shattered cherished dreams. In the end, one can only praise the film for its problematics; it is full of meaning at the expense of the wild outside but vulnerable inside character of the excellent actor Boris Karloff.

As for the other actors in the film crew, many remained from the first part, but some were replaced. Particularly striking is the bride of Henry Frankenstein, for some reason not just a change of person, but also the color of her hair: from blonde to brunette. The set has risen above itself, the visuals are beautiful, the meticulousness in detail is superb when looking at the scientists' lab. The camerawork is on a masterful level, and it is worthy of the present day, if we refer to the sharp cut-scenes to heighten the gravity of the experience in the climax of the finale with the Bride of Frankenstein reviving, whose image, by the way, was a success in its predatory, piercing feminine beauty.

To sum up, I notice that the motion picture is a whole well-thought-out and spectacular canvas, which causes a good interest from the beginning till the end due to its dramatic range of problems, not only about whether a man can be God, but rather about what he (a man who has pretended to be a god) condemns his child to, which can give a sorrowful and sad answer.

Consequently, this film is not only a delightful classic, but also a worthy implication for all scientists proud of their ambitions, digging into the riddle of Life with dry soulless tools.


movie BDRemux Video
Codec: HEVC / H.265 (75.7 Mb/s)
Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)
Original aspect ratio: 1.37:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono (48kHz, 24-bit)
English: Dolby Digital 2.0
English: DTS 2.0
French: DTS 2.0 Mono
German: DTS 2.0
Italian: DTS 2.0

English SDH, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish.


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